PineBridge Investments Pays Interns an Average of $118,664 Per Year

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PineBridge Investments pays an average of $118,664 per year to its interns. This represents a 57 percent hourly rate. The highest paying position at the company is a General Counsel, with a salary of $253,992, while the lowest-paying position is an Admin Assistant, with a salary of $51,082. The average salary at PineBridge Investments is broken down by department, with average salaries for Operations, IT, Finance, and Product being the highest paying divisions.

PineBridge’s compensation is below the average for similar companies. Their employees rank their benefits and compensation in the Bottom 10% of similar companies, based on 13 ratings. However, the company does provide its interns with access to mentors who share their experiences and advise them on how to succeed in their careers.

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