Israel’s Mission to Qatar for the Qatar World Cup

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Thousands of Israelis are expected to attend the Qatar World Cup this month. There is a special mission set up by Israeli officials to handle all logistics and ensure a hassle free presence for the Israelis in Qatar. A spokesperson from the mission said the mission will handle emergency situations, as well as criminal incidents. However, they are also urging Israelis to behave responsibly and not get into brawls, while also warning against the use of foul language.

Israelis who purchase tickets to the World Cup automatically receive a visa to enter Qatar. This allows Israelis to visit Qatar without having to change planes, but the ministry of foreign affairs has warned against non-essential travel to Qatar. In addition, a campaign has been launched warning Israelis not to drink or bring drugs to Qatar, and to avoid using foul language. The campaign also advises Israelis on how to find accommodations and avoid getting into brawls. Israelis who purchase tickets to the tournament are eligible for Fan ID cards, which allow them to book flights and accommodations.

There are also many expatriates from the Indian subcontinent who are working in Qatar. They number over three million, and many are expected to buy tickets to attend the games. Israeli officials said tens of thousands of Israelis will arrive in Doha for the World Cup. Israel’s National Public Diplomacy Directorate, in cooperation with the Israeli Football Association, launched an awareness campaign.

Israel’s National Public Diplomacy Directorate, along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, launched a campaign to inform Israelis about the rules and regulations of Qatar, and how to behave during the World Cup. A spokesperson for the mission, Alon Lavi, said there were “many questions” about whether or not Israelis would be allowed to visit other countries during the tournament. He spoke to Jewish Insider from Doha about the concerns, including whether it was legal to visit enemy countries, as well as rules about alcohol and drugs. He also explained that the Israeli consulate in Doha will be a temporary consulate during the World Cup.

The Qatar World Cup is the first football World Cup held in the Middle East. The tournament kicked off on November 20. Thousands of fans from across the region and around the world have poured into Qatar. Palestinians have also been pouring in. But they have refused to speak to Israeli journalists. They have also waved their Palestinian flags behind them. Israeli officials say the number of Israeli and Palestinian fans attending the tournament has reached 10,000. They hope this will help ease the demand for a limited number of accommodations in a tiny emirate when all 32 teams are still playing.

Israeli reporters and sportscasters have also encountered some resistance in Qatar. One reporter, Tal Shorrer, has been shoved by Palestinian fans during the tournament, while other fans have refused interviews. The Israeli television station Channel 12 reported that a Lebanese fan walked away after being approached by an Israeli reporter, stating that Israel doesn’t exist.

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