Beijing Council International Auctions

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The Beijing Council International Auctions is a company specializing in Chinese art and culture. Its auctions feature ancient Chinese art, porcelain, jade objects, contemporary ink painting, and sculptures. The auction house also conducts charity auctions. Founded in 2005, the Beijing Council International Auctions is now the fifth largest auction house worldwide.

As one of the leading art auction companies in China, Council has made significant strides in the past decade. By utilizing its core team of professional talents and a strong commitment to service, the company has been able to build up a strong reputation in the art market. In 2006, it was deemed the “most influential auction” in the world, as well as the “auction company with increasing power”. In 2007, it won the award for “best performance at an auction.” In 2008, the company became a member of the China Association of Auctioneers.

The company has recently been recognized for its outstanding performance in promoting shareholder value. Among its achievements are the launch of the Spring Auction and the Beijing Poly 2022 spring auction. The company has also updated its shareholder value policy and its insurance plan. In addition, it has incorporated a plan for covering the risks associated with damage to vehicles.

Competition is necessary to improve the quality of art in China, and opening up the art market to foreign auction houses will help raise standards within Chinese firms. This will help combat the problem of fakes and looted art. Although liberalizing the market is not an easy task, China has benefited immensely from the process in recent years.

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