Auction Nation Lawsuit Files AGO Against Auctioneering Company

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Auction Nation purchases overstocks and store returns from large box retailers, such as Home Depot and Costco. It then sells these items at auctions, giving consumers a great bargain. By using this method of purchasing, consumers are not only helping the environment, but also helping to keep costs down. This program helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the company by redirecting these items from landfills to the retail market.

Before purchasing an item from Auction Nation, it is essential to know the return policy. The company requires that you return the product within 48 hours. However, they do not provide a guarantee for the general or cosmetic condition of the item. Also, they do not offer refunds for items that have missing parts or accessories. Also, the company will not deliver an item if it is not in a box or has missing hardware.

Auction Nation is an Arizona-based company that provides auction services to both individuals and businesses. Their services include contract auctioneering, asset management, and business liquidations. While the company specializes in estate and auto auctions, it also hosts charity auctions. It is headquartered in Phoenix. A recent survey by Zippia shows that the company is hiring a large number of graduates from the local university.

In the lawsuit, the AGO alleges that Auction Nation allowed house bidding prior to December 2018 even though it was prohibited by its user agreements. The company had to revise its user agreement to make sure potential buyers did not engage in this illegal activity. However, many real bidders did not realize that Auction Nation had a hidden system that would outbid them until the house bid was reached.

After filing a lawsuit against Auction Nation, the Attorney General’s Office ruled that the company should provide more information about house bidding in auctions. They have to also make the disclosures more prominent. As a result of the lawsuit, the company will have to pay more than $260,000 in consumer restitution.

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