What Assets Never Lose Value?

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Some of the safest assets include gold, cash, Treasuries, and money market funds. Others include sovereign debt instruments issued by developed nations. Another good option is fixed income, which offers a fixed interest rate and higher yield. You can invest in a combination of these assets to receive a positive return and protect against inflation.

Current assets include cash, checking and savings accounts, and money market accounts. Investment assets include stocks, bonds, and property. Other assets include collectibles, such as memorabilia, artwork, and coins. Alternative investments are land, private notes secured by real estate, and vehicles. Investing in these assets is a smart way to grow your wealth.

Some of these assets are not depreciable, such as stock. Business owners typically do not retain stock for more than a year and thus do not have to worry about depreciation. Businesses typically write off stock purchases as expenses when they are bought. However, property and commodities are subject to depreciation.

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