The Manuals For the Auction 9EB Automatic Urine Analyzer

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The AUTION MAX AX-4030 automatic urine analyzer features a convenient storage container for the test strips. These strips can be used for testing a wide range of substances, from urine to saliva. In addition, the automatic urine analyzer can measure up to 11 items at one time. Users can choose a test strip that can measure microalbumin, urea, creatinine, or a combination of these.

The AUTION AX-4030 instrument’s operating manual includes a troubleshooting guide for common problems. This guide is helpful for determining the exact cause of measurement error. It also includes information on how to replace the test strip when the instrument identifies it has detected errors. For example, if a test strip has been misread, or is out of position, the instrument may skip the measurement.

The AUTION MAX AX-4030’s OPERATING MANUAL provides detailed instructions and information about the device’s features. This guide also includes sample racks and containers, calibration information, and measurement terminology. The user can view results on the screen or print them. They can also review the results, change IDs, delete trouble logs, and edit their settings.

The AUTION MAX AX-4030 OPERATING MANUAL provides instructions for using the machine and loading test strips. The manual also shows how to assign feeders to the machine. In addition to the manual, the device comes with a desiccant bag. The desiccant bag helps prevent the strips from drying out.

The AUTION MAX AX-4030’s OPERATING MANUAL contains instructions on the machine’s daily maintenance. The manual also includes steps on how to clean the waste box, feeders, and introduction tray. The user should also clean the waste box for used test strips.

The AUTION MAX AX-4030 uses test strips to analyze urine samples. Using color-tone, turbidity, and abnormal coloration measurements, this unit makes comprehensive assessments of urine. Users can perform daily measurements in as few as three steps. Then, after loading the test strips, simply press the start key to begin the measurement.

After the test has been completed, the MAX AX-4030 displays the results. It also shows previous and next results. If the results are inaccurate, the user can retry the test again and receive an updated result. The operating manual will also provide instructions on how to calibrate the test strip and retry it if needed.

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