Selling Your Jewellery at an Auction

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One of the most exciting categories at auction houses is jewellery by leading designers. This category is growing at an accelerated pace. Some of the most impressive pieces are rare or unusually shaped. For example, a ring featuring a rare royal blue Kashmir diamond cabochon achieved an auction result of EUR 932,000.

When selling your jewelry at an auction, make sure that you pay attention to the condition. You can easily check the condition of a particular piece using an online or in-person inspection. If the item is not in a good condition, you can always try a lower price to attract a buyer. This method is particularly useful if you are short of cash.

Auction jewellery is a great place to pick up an unusual piece for a low price. The process is less intense than buying jewelry from a retail outlet. However, the process does take time. Therefore, you must be well prepared to make a good bid. Make sure to study the auction catalogue beforehand and know what you are looking for.

If you are thinking of selling your jewelry at an auction, you may want to try an online platform that offers a safe and secure environment for buyers. Many of these sites will require a lengthy application process, including several background checks and verification of your identity. Once approved, you will be placed on a three-month probationary period and limited in the number of items you can sell. However, the probation will be lifted once you have accumulated ninety-five percent positive feedback from buyers.

There are many different auction websites that offer jewellery for sale. HiBid is an excellent example of a site that caters to professional sellers and does not cater to individual sellers. However, it is worth noting that this website focuses more on discount jewelry, and you may struggle to sell more expensive items. When choosing a website to sell your jewelry, it is wise to consider the value of your jewelry and how much it is worth.

Antique jewelry is an excellent investment, as it is meticulously crafted by hand. It can be an enduring expression of status or love. The style of antique jewelry is largely determined by the social setting of the time in which it was created. In addition to being an attractive accessory, jewelry is an excellent way to start a collection.

Payment methods for purchases include cash, cashier’s check, money order, or personal check with approved credit. Many auction sites also accept PayPal or other online payment options. You’ll be provided with an email shipping quote within 5 business days after the auction ends. It’s best to check with the seller before paying for your jewellery.

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