Qatar World Cup Visitor Rules

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Visiting Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup could be a challenge. This is because the country has strict rules on what visitors can and can’t do. There are strict restrictions on drinking and smoking in Qatar, as well as on the dress of visitors. It is also illegal to bring drugs into the country. If you do break these rules, you could face fines and imprisonment. Whether you are a tourist or a football fan, it is important to be aware of these restrictions and how they affect your trip.

The first rule to remember is that it is illegal to import alcohol into Qatar. You can only buy alcohol in licensed restaurants and hotels. There are also strict rules on vaping. Since 2014, vaping has been banned in Qatar.

While you are in Qatar, you should wear face masks, especially when you are on public transport. You also need to cover your knees and shoulders in public. During the World Cup, you are expected to show the respect to the local culture. You should also wear appropriate clothes to fit in with the local culture.

If you are planning on watching the World Cup, you will need a Hayya card. This Fan ID will give you free access to public transport during matches. The card also acts as a visa, which allows you to enter and leave Qatar for multiple entries during the World Cup. It is a good idea to apply for a Hayya card in advance. Those who apply for a Hayya card can bring in three guests for free. If you plan to stay for longer than 24 hours, you will need to book accommodation beforehand.

In Qatar, homosexuality is illegal. You will not be allowed to carry or sell alcohol, and sex outside marriage is also not permitted. The country has also strict rules on public displays of affection. If you do make a public display of affection, you could face a fine or imprisonment.

The Qatar government recently announced that it will allow fans to bring in a rainbow flag. The rainbow flag will be permitted in stadiums, but authorities warn against carrying it on public streets. Fans will also be allowed to wear swimwear, though they are not allowed to take it off on the beach.

According to the Qatar Tourism website, visitors are advised to wear clothes that are appropriate to the local culture. Fans are also reminded to cover their shoulders and knees when in public. They should not remove their shirts inside stadiums, as this is not permitted.

The Qatar government is trying to encourage fans to show their support by respecting local traditions. Fans will be expected to wear shirts with the World Cup logo on them, but they will not be allowed to remove them. In addition, fans will be required to pay an entry fee of 500 riyals (about $140) when they enter the country. This is not the case for visitors who arrive before November.

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