Palantir Technologies (PLTR) Could Be the Answer to Europe’s Energy Shortage

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As Europe and the United States are making aggressive moves to increase their solar and wind energy production, the global energy supply deficit remains. While these countries are doing their best to compensate for this problem, there is no doubt that the European Union needs to find ways to overcome this shortage. The company’s technology is highly efficient and could be the answer to this problem. This company could see a growing demand for its products from institutions and governments in Europe.

Although Palantir Technologies (PLTR) stock has dropped nearly 55% since last Friday, its national security focus and AI prowess make it an attractive stock to own despite the market’s turmoil. Despite its recent downturn, the company’s stock gained nearly 2 percent in the two days following its market close on Tuesday. Moreover, the stock’s performance has exceeded the performance of the iShares Expanded Tech-Software ETF (XLK), which has suffered a 34% contraction over the last three months.

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