Inventory for Investment – How to Evaluate the Impact on Cash Flow

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When you’re considering whether to purchase inventory for investment, you must understand what the impact will be on cash flow. Investing in inventory takes up cash that would otherwise be available for other cash outflows. However, you can reduce the overall amount you invest in inventory by identifying areas of excess inventory. This will help you reduce your total investment in inventory and improve cash flow.

One way to determine the impact on cash flow is to look at the current inventory to sales ratio. This metric compares inventory purchases to sales for a period of three months. This ratio helps identify recent increases in inventory. Some companies report their inventory information only for the prior year, so the inventory to sales ratio can identify early cash flow problems.

Inventory is an important asset for any business. It includes the raw materials needed for production, work-in-progress, and finished goods. Many businesses hold inventory in order to meet customer demand. However, some businesses only have a minimal amount of inventory. A company’s most important asset is its inventory. While the company is in the business of selling goods, the owner will typically pay the cost of the goods they’ve bought with their own money.

Another important metric to evaluate the return on investment for inventory is the turnover rate. This ratio can be impacted by many different factors. It indicates whether the business is effectively managing its inventory and cash flow. Turnover analysis is one of the most basic tools for inventory control. It is the process of reviewing the business’s investment in individual items and groups of items, and it can determine whether the investment is too low or too high.

Total capital expenditures for Parent in 2011 totaled 190 388 700 PLN, which included 2 756 thousand PLN in inventory for investment purposes. These totals include inventory that was used in future housing developments. The carrying amount of the Group’s assets is also reviewed at each balance sheet date.

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