Financial New

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Financial New is a London-based think tank whose founder is William Wright, a former journalist. Its reports have been widely cited in the context of financial services policies, Brexit, and the City of London’s development. Its aim is to provide a more informed view on current financial issues and policies.

Financial New works with market participants and various sectors to improve the quality and direction of the capital markets debate. The organisation runs a research programme and private events based on four main themes: rebuilding trust, driving diversity, and driving change. As a social enterprise, it reinvests 50% of its profits. Its aim is to make the financial sector more efficient and inclusive.

It is important to assess your current financial situation before making New Year resolutions. You may want to pay down debt, make a budget, or start contributing to a retirement plan. You might also want to calculate your net worth, which can help you determine your current financial situation and set financial goals. When making resolutions, make sure to take action and reach your financial goals.

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