Fellows Watch Auction

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The Fellows Watch Auction is a unique auction house that specializes in luxury timepieces and designer brands. In addition to auctions, the auctioneer sells unique pieces of jewelry. You can even find information on rare watches, such as an Altec crossover. The Fellows Watch Auction is hosted online.

The Fellows Live auction house is an online auction house that offers a selection of watches and jewellery. It is currently accepting consignments for the Spring/Summer 2020 auction. The company has a full calendar of auctions for these two seasons. It has also recently expanded its operations to include all international destinations.

This year, the Fellows Watch Auction is hosting an auction featuring a rare watch. The Longines Munich Games watch is a striking and elegant timepiece. It features a manual wind mechanism and comes in silver, navy, or blue dial options. It features a large orange seconds hand. The watch is expected to sell for between PS17,000 and PS17000, depending on the dial color. The silver dial version will be on display at the auction.

The Fellows Watch Auction will feature a selection of rare and vintage timepieces, including the famous Dirty Dozen. This collection was commissioned by the British Ministry of Supply to be worn by the British military. The British Ministry of Supply wanted to purchase timepieces that would suit the Royal Navy, Army, and Air Force. In addition, the watches must be manufactured in sufficient quantities to meet their needs.

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