Didi Stock – What is Didi Stock?

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Didi stock is a popular Chinese vehicle-hire service. The company, formerly known as Didi Dache or Didi Kuaidi, is home to over 550 million users and tens of millions of drivers. Earlier, it was called Kuaidi or Dache, but these names were rebranded to Didi in 2014.

Although its share price is now below its peak last year, it is still trading in the billions. Didi’s executives are urging other shareholders to vote for the re-listing of their stock in Hong Kong. In their view, this would be a better solution than the current OTC listing, as the company’s shares would be more liquid. Moreover, a re-listing would signal support from Chinese regulators, which would likely boost the stock price.

However, the Didi stock’s tumble is putting a shadow on the strategy of founder and CEO Masayoshi Son. As interest rates rise, his strategy is becoming increasingly unpopular with investors. Also, Didi says it is cooperating with a US securities regulator investigation. Despite the recent problems with the Chinese government, the company’s dominance in the country creates a unique opportunity to raise its price and achieve profitability.

As a result, Chinese regulators have lifted the ban on Didi stock, which has been trading as DIDIY on the OTC/Hong Kong exchange. The move will remove the risk of delisting from NYSE, and will also avoid the possibility of a forced delisting by Chinese regulators. In the past, Chinese-based companies have struggled with delisting concerns and regulatory risks.

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