C Luo’s new owner basically finalized after New Year’s Day to join Saudi Arabia Riyadh Victory

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Portuguese superstar Cairo has reportedly agreed to join Saudi Arabian league team Riyadh Victory, and his salary will be as high as 200 million euros, equivalent to 1.47 billion yuan. Marca reporter Jose Felix Dias revealed to GOAL that the agreement between the two sides is just short of the final signature, and once Portugal’s current World Cup tour comes to an end, Cairo will soon fly to Riyadh to complete the signing.

Dias said: “C Luo is spending his last personal World Cup, Portugal still has hopes of winning the title, but C Luo is very clear about his future destination, and very clear is Saudi Arabia soccer. His agreement with the Saudi team has already been reached, and all that is missing is his visit to inspect the club and then decide whether to sign. This team is a growing team that wants to regain the long lost dominance of Saudi football.”

“The length of the contract will be 2.5 years and Cairo will also be highly paid by way of matches and advertising endorsements. If no surprises arise and there are no temporary changes to the agreement, once Cairo’s situation is sorted out, continue to play in the World Cup, travel to Riyadh and sign the contract.”
After the exposure of disrespect to Manchester United manager Ten Hag as well as criticism of the club in the interview, Cairo and the Red Devils of this break-up drama is finally coming to an end, the Portuguese will join Riyadh victory on January 1, 2023.

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