Auction Watch Add-On

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AuctionWatch is a great addon for a quick look at your auctions. Once you have added an auction to your watch list, you can view it from the “My Stuff” section of your profile or the “Watch List” page. You can also view your auctions in your “Bids” section. When you are done with an auction, you can remove it from your watch list.

Auctions can be exciting and thrilling. If you are likely to make a bid, it’s worth attending the preview and examining the prospective piece in person. Images of watches online are nothing compared to seeing them up close. You’ll also have the opportunity to chat with other buyers. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re bidding on and whether you’re going to like the piece before you purchase it.

One of the first auction houses to sell watches was Antiquorum, which opened in 1974. By then, the market for wristwatches had become mature, but that didn’t mean wristwatches wouldn’t be auctioned off as a secondary product. Antiquorum’s founder, Osvaldo Patrizzi, was an enterprising entrepreneur. Today, Massena’s COO, William Massena, manages Massena LAB, a collaborative brand aimed at providing the same experience for consumers.

Auction houses have seen economic success in recent years, thanks to changes in policy. Record-breaking auction prices have been set. In fact, there have been 17 timepieces sold at auction that have exceeded EUR1 million.

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