7Q Financial Services Ltd

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7Q Financial Services Ltd is a Cyprus Investment Firm. Its executive director, Andreas Michalias, heads the company’s capital market services and leads its business development efforts. He has 20 years of experience in the industry and has a detailed knowledge of Cyprus’s market conditions. Previously, he served as a customer relationship officer at the Bank of Cyprus and as a senior portfolio manager at Laiki Financial Services. He also spent seven years as an asset manager at Hellenic Bank Investments.

7Q Financial Services Ltd is a boutique investment house. Its experienced staff members are committed to a high standard of service. Its services are provided to a wide range of clients, including Insurance companies, Pension Funds, and High Net Worth private investors. Its team of professionals is made up of highly qualified professionals, and it uses a robust, integrated technology platform.

7Q FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED is a Cyprus-based company that was incorporated in 2000. Its registered office is at 12-14 Kennedy Avenue Kennedy Business Center, Suite 402. Its legal form is K9L6, and it is governed by Cypriot law. You can visit its website at 7q.com to learn more about its services.

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